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PREGNANT, pleading. A fulness in the pleadings which admits or involves a matter which is favorable to the opposite party. 2. It is either an affirmative pregnant, or negative pregnant. See Affirmative pregnant; Negative pregnant.

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That is why the first trimester is very important compared to someone that is almost 9 months pregnant and everything is formed.
Tragically, flu can also be fatal - between 2009 and 2012, 36 pregnant women died from flu in the UK and Ireland.
In other news, this is not the first time that fans assumed that Jenner was also pregnant.
But pregnant women are still finding it hard to get a seat.
The study was done on 180 pregnant and 60 non-pregnant women of age group 20-35 years.
Whatever size a pregnant woman is in, whether 'You're so big / small/ medium, barely showing/ enormous' Lahbati warns, 'Just.
The antenatal staff has direct contact with pregnant smokers as it is part of their job routine to see clients and therefore could promote smoking cessation trials efficiently (Lendahls, Ohman, Liljestrand, and Hakansson, 2002).
Overall for the 14,400 pregnant women and the 395,600 nonpregnant women up to age 44 years who responded to the survey from 2002 to 2015, marijuana use was higher in the first trimester (6.
Many a times, dentists have to face the concerns of the pregnant dental patient regarding the safety of undergoing dental procedures.
Elliott Naishtat, D-Austin, would remove that requirement and allow pregnant women to be taken off life support.
These questions prompted her research, and the answers are important because pregnant women don't do well during flu seasons, she said, noting that "this was especially brought to light during the HlNl pandemic," when pregnant women had higher rates of hospital admission, more medical encounters with confirmed or suspected influenza, and greater severity of disease during late pregnancy than nonpregnant women and others.
So, this study was undertaken to observe the effects of exercise on the respiratory functions in healthy pregnant women.

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