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PREHENSION. The lawful taking of a thing with an intent to, assert a right in it.

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If an actual occasion has positively prehended an immediate predecessor and that predecessor has positively prehended its immediate predecessor, then the actual occasion of the present has prehended the positive prehension of its predecessor.
He or she is unable to make the adaptations necessary to let go of negative prehensions and move towards a new concrescence.
We have moved beyond a model of encounter with stable and autonomous parties apprehending one another through shared terms, to prehension of otherness that presumes neither the distance of firm distinction nor fusion through epistemic grasping.
Abbreviations: CR = completion rate, D1-3 = Days 1-3, DoA = degree-of-actuation, DoF = degree-of-freedom, EMG = electromyography, IMES = implantable myoelectric sensors, JAT = joint angle transform, MEC = myoelectric control system, MT = movement time, nTar = no target, PC = postural control, PCA = principal component analysis, PE = path efficiency, PP = palmer prehension, Pt = pretest, RMS = root mean square, S1-4 = subjects 1-4, T = test, Tar = target, Tp = target posture, TMR = targeted muscle reinnervation, VH = virtual hand, VSA = vector summation algorithm.
Drawing upon Whitehead's concepts of occasion, prehension, and concrescence, the second half of this paper presents one such event in which the world is transformed.
7) << J'utiliserai le mot de prehension pour une apprehension de type non-cognitif, c'est-a-dire une apprehension qui peut etre ou non de type cognitif.
The timing of the reconstructive process should ideally start before the development of prehension.
Les ennemis d'hier, qu'il denonce avec sa gouaille outranciere, deviendront les amis du jour ; l'important c'est d'arriver a ses fins, quels que soient les moyens utilises, parmi lesquels la prehension de la barbichette des uns par les autres semble etre le plus efficace.
1992) The contributions of peripheral vision and central vision to prehension.
Indispensable response, responsibility, when the Other approaches, stands in place of prehension or comprehension of relation.
En ella se evalua el gateo, la sedestacion, la marcha, la prehension, la percepcion, el habla, el lenguaje y el area social del nino.