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So rather than prejudge the outcome of any hearing, I think it's important we sit down with a clear mind on Wednesday and judge any evidence on its merits.
It said this did not prejudge the questions of whether the proposal concerned a harmonised area of Community law, nor its compatibility with WTO rules.
Sir Ian said it would be unfair to prejudge the inquiry - which is being headed by a senior Yard officer - and insisted there had to be a 'proper disciplinary process'.
People can prejudge me but once they see me, they're going to realise I'm no faker.
The decision to start an in-depth review does not prejudge its final outcome, the Commission added.
There is a lot more to the process and I don't want to prejudge what the final ruling is going to be.
We still can't prejudge what's going to happen to the job situation ahead, are eyeing an extension of at least until September,'' said a senior official of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.
Mubarak, a former air force pilot, was talking to students in Alexandria in Egypt when he said that he did not want to prejudge the investigation into the crash of Flight 990 into the Atlantic Ocean off Nantucket island, Massachusetts, which killed all 217 people on board.
The full automation of Federal Reserve open market operations is even a more complex and time-consuming task, especially because it is impossible to prejudge with any precision the number, location, and other characteristics of potential counterparties for such operations.
The Commission recalls that this type of investigation is a preliminary step in cases of suspected anti-competitive practices and does not prejudge the outcome of the investigation itself.
UNTIL the FA's investigation is complete it would be wrong to prejudge the outcome.