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Her lawyer, Vikram Varma, said the neglect allegations had "no substance" and added: "They have prejudged her.
This does not imply the result of the case has been prejudged.
He said not one of the councillors present had been under 40, while a number were over 65 but felt their decision was swayed more by their belief that the Llanelli entertainment agency organising the event had prejudged the situation.
Palmer said Santa Clarita officials have inappropriately prejudged Las Lomas, which is undergoing an environmental study.
In the High Court yesterday Mr Al Fayed's barrister, Michael Beloff QC, told Mr Justice Collins the ruling was "disproportionate, unfair and prejudged.
Adams stated that "While NEC was disappointed that CIT did not enjoin the Commerce Preliminary Determination until after completion of the trial, we expect to offer substantial evidence at trial that Commerce has prejudged the dumping case, and is not able to conduct a fair and impartial investigation.
While we appreciate Robin Cook's enthusiasm for reforming the voting system, we would not want to see the results of the pilot projects prejudged.
After all, prejudiced means that you prejudged a situation without sampling the facts.
The NEC suit, which was filed in the Court of International Trade in New York alleges that Commerce officials unlawfully prejudged the merits of Cray's allegations before the dumping investigation was initiated.
I sometimes feel prejudged, that people look at me and think, `Oh, you're so sweet and innocent, and you'd never do anything bad,' '' Graham reveals.