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The prejudgement effectively freezes the assets of TPSA Finance and is one of several initiatives taken by DPTG to collect the DKK2.
Apart from the element of prejudgement already discussed, the suspicion of power and especially of power that calculates, what is the state of mind of the ethnographer in the field, en situation?
Ethnocentrism, arrogance, cultural prejudice, and prejudgement hinder managers' progress on local, national or international levels.
The institution and maintenance of an action for judicial relief in pursuant of any such prejudgement or provisional remedies will not constitute a waiver of the right of any party, including the plaintiff, to compel arbitration of any Disputes subject to arbitration as provided herein.
Duterte is the least qualified in directing such a probe given his propensity for prejudgement and to preempt the results of any investigation, as he himself has already declared the Mamasapano police action as a CIA operation,' she said.
The settlement requires the firm to return USD10,082,725 that it earned from insider trading schemes, USD1,348,824 as prejudgement interest, and a penalty of USD10,082,725.
A Welsh Assembly Government spokesman said: 'When exercising decisions of this kind, ministers are under a public law duty to consider all the relevant information, taking a view on the merits of the proposal without prejudgement.
I try not to take too much notice of who the referee is because you try to be fair to everyone and not make a prejudgement.
The review was dressed up as an objective review without prejudice, as an objective review without prejudgement, but was in fact a charade,' he told the court.
If Rio is guilty then so be it but the prejudgement on him for the past few weeks stinks with the biggest smell coming from the the FIFA camp.