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But if he is prejudging the outcome of my libel action with Mr Fayed over these allegations he is putting the cart before the horse and pronouncing sentence before the trial.
On the floor on Monday, Estrada said Tuason's testimony was "empty," as he assailed Guingona for prejudging the hearing.
Regarding Heading 7 (Pre-accession), the ceiling will be maintained as it stands, without prejudging future evolutions.
I most respectfully beg the indulgence of the Honorable Supreme Court to issue a gag order enjoining the respondents, the President of the republic of the Philippines and every person acting in his behalf from making statements, disclosures and declarations pertaining to matters involving DAP that is pending before this Honorable Supreme Court to avoid prejudging the issue, influencing the court, or obstructing the administration of justice," Syjuco said.
The mum-of-seven was remanded as officers warned residents on her estate against prejudging the case of Shannon's alleged kidnap.
Commission President Mary Nichols said CH2M Hill is free to compete, and that the fact the board is asking for new bids should not be seen as prejudging the outcome of the audit.
The two sides have since initiated negotiations under the supervision of the Court of First Instance as part of the first stage of the lawsuit proceedings, resulting in the EU executive stating: "The Commission regrets that statements were made which have been understood as prejudging issues relating to the FIA, and confirms that no final decision of any kind has been adopted in this case, which is still being considered.
The governing body said the audit would carry out an analysis of all aspects of the institute and warned against prejudging the outcome.
The idea behind the forum was to quash any seeds of prejudice before they take root in young minds, and to learn to see past someone's skin color or their clothing without prejudging them, event organizers said.
This is by mutual consent and should not be seen as prejudging any possible discipline inquiries.
By agreeing to oversee the inquiry, we are not prejudging the actions of the police officers.
The dad of banned striker Armando De Melo has accused SFA chief Jim Farry of prejudging his son's case.