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40, as well as prejudgment interest from the dates of payment to the date of judgment.
Florida is unique in its interpretation of what constitutes "liquidated damages" for purposes of determining whether prejudgment interest should be awarded.
The Schumacher class received a prejudgment interest rate of 0.
Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas said Curley had a claim of $21 million, which includes $347,699 for back pay, benefits and prejudgment interest, $441,000 for attorneys' fees and employment arbitration and $156,909 for post-arbitration fees.
Falor, the New York Court of Appeals affirmed a prejudgment order attaching defendants' membership interests in out-of-state limited liability companies, reasoning that defendants' intangible ownership interests followed them, and were attachable in New York because defendants had agreed to personal jurisdiction in New York.
Estimates of damages range from less than $4 billion to more than $9 billion, depending on factors including whether the judge awards prejudgment interest and how many claimants seek payouts.
Convinced that the parties contemplated prejudgment interest, the court awarded prejudgment interest on the amount recovered.
The board is seeking damages to cover the cost of the outsourced repair and the maximum amount allowed under Arkansas law to cover prejudgment interest.
Interestingly, trot only did the court reject the defendants' appeal but it granted tire patient's motion for prejudgment interest.
He agreed to pay a total of $622,087, which includes $336,362 in disgorgement, $175,725 of prejudgment interest, and a $110,000 civil penalty.
2 million plus prejudgment interest and attorney fees in its patent infringement suit against Stratagene and Biocrest Manufacturing.