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The Court of Appeals reversed the Appellate Division and affirmed the prejudgment order of attachment.
A minority of the committee disagreed, arguing that prejudgment interest is not necessary "because the calculations of future lost wages under [New Jersey jury instructions] takes into account the delay in payment from the time of the injury until the verdict and compensates the plaintiff for the delay.
07, predecessors to Florida's current statutes governing prejudgment writs of replevin.
Ask for Dismissal of CPSC's Complaint Against Airguns: Charge Brown with Prejudgment.
Prejudgment of the extent and the degree of a person's disability can occur on both conscious and unconscious levels.
Staff cooperation, attitude problems and prejudgment of residents by staff' was a much greater concern for CNAs than for all other participants.
The court ruled that the prisoner was entitled to prejudgment compounded interest for lost wages and for monetary awards for educational costs incurred because of the loss of financial aid.
The purpose of this letter is to demand that you print a retraction in your next issue, failing which we will consider commencing an action claiming damages, prejudgment interest and costs.
Some degree of prejudgment in itself is normal and healthy.
The project has been carried out in three areas: a fraud pre-detection system to help investigators judge the possibility of fraudulent activities using statistics-based model rules and business rules; a fraud post-detection system to detect afterward the characteristics of certain groups not detected with the prejudgment model; and a risk mart to generate data for prejudgment and post-judgment models.
It also includes 147,738 dollars in prejudgment interest, the report said.