prejudiced view

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It's an extremely prejudiced view, indeed, I would go as far as to say that they are an anti-Welsh organisation.
By hinging on a prejudiced view of the INC, the editorial succeeds in showing a shortsighted grasp of not only how arrest warrants are to be served but also what the law provides as options for individuals or groups being maligned in public to seek justice.
Indeed, the basis for a prejudiced view, which is unreasonable, or a non-prejudiced view, which is reasonable, stems from an individual's experiences.
In the example, M begins with a dim and prejudiced view of D as immature and unrefined and then, through an exercise of attention, arrives at a revised and unprejudiced view of D as lively and unpretentious.
The comments by an eminent medical consultant - also Chairman of the Rodney Street Association - may be entertaining but express a prejudiced view of modern architecture, which might delay or thwart developments that could enhance the environment and as a consequence the prosperity of our city.
But, as he approaches the end of his best season yet with 76 winners, it is high time to admit that my rather prejudiced view was wrong.
In the context of To Kill a Mockingbird, the townspeople and the jury are convinced Tom Robinson is guilty of raping a white girl simply because of their prejudiced view of black Americans.
That becomes a festering problem if a grassroots selection jury takes a prejudiced view of foreigners at the outset.
Ishihara sticks to the prejudiced view that homosexuality is abnormal.
This would have given us a perspective on how the educated attempted to internalize the message of the Qur an and would have stripped away, perhaps, the prejudiced view that these disciplines, while interesting, are abstract and lifeless.
Labour in Scotland shouldn't have to look over its shoulder to London, be sniped at by ill–informed MPs who still have a prejudiced view of Holyrood, or have policies and ideas watered down by London intervention.
Spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "It's outrageous that Amaral can express such an overtly prejudiced view when he is still a member of the Policia Judicia.