prejudicial delay

See: laches
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The case will merit close attention, as the outcome could help protect government contractors from intentional and prejudicial delay in litigation.
Blake denied the motion "(because) of the possibility of a lengthy, unnecessary, and potentially prejudicial delay that would be created," if the temporary stay was granted, the order states.
That is the epitome of prejudicial delay. The bankruptcy court did not abuse its discretion by dismissing the debtor's [Ch.] 7 case.
The court found that the notice was valid because it was actually received by Bongam without prejudicial delay.
An agency relationship between an insurance broker and the insured terminates upon procurement of the requested insurance policy, but in the continuation of an insurance policy the agent has the duty to notify the applicant if the insurer declines to continue to insure the risk, so that the applicant may not be lulled into a feeling of security or be put to prejudicial delay in seeking protections elsewhere.
The taxpayers argued that the lack of such a date on their original deficiency notice invalidated it; the Service responded that the omission was a "technical but harmless violation"; further, the notice was valid because the taxpayers received it without prejudicial delay.