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PRELATE. The name of an ecclesiastical officer. There are two orders of prelates; the first is composed of bishops, and the second, of abbots, generals of orders, deans, &c.

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Commenting in the mid-1960s on the Vatican II text, council observer John Oliver Nelson said, "The overall mood is: Come out of your solitary Masses, your prelatical doting upon rank or affluence, your privileged station at altar or confessional - and identify radiantly, humbly with Everyman.
Max Beerbohm, crossing the road opposite Marble Arch, spotted him in the brougham that was taking him to Paddington Station: 'Irving in his most prelatical mood had always a touch - a trace here and there - of the old bohemian.
Cecil on the other hand, wanted to develop an evangelical and reforming episcopate, whose members fulfilled pastoral and superintending functions rather than prelatical ones.