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PRELATE. The name of an ecclesiastical officer. There are two orders of prelates; the first is composed of bishops, and the second, of abbots, generals of orders, deans, &c.

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It was in this spirit that the Claretians established OCLADE specifically to act as the development arm in the Prelature, where the bishop recently said that he "dreams of a Church even more committed to the search for justice and peace, for human dignity and equality in diversity, without poverty and with social inclusion.
17) The Opus Dei Prelature carefully renovated the place to its former majesty, keeping in mind its origins in the 17th century, when "Don Pedro de Aragon bought from Don Pedro Cortes, the marquis of the Valle de Oaxaca, the land close to Jonatepec and Chacaltzingo and named these lands Santa Clara de Montefalco.
On August 5, 1982, Pope John Paul II, who very much sympathized with the conservative tendencies of Opus Dei, established it as a personal prelature, or group that carries out specific pastoral activities and is supervised by the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops.
Canon 368 identifies the following communities as equivalent to a particular Church: a territorial prelature or abbacy, an apostolic vicariate, an apostolic prefecture or an apostolic administration erected in a stable manner--all technical terms, and unusual examples of what can constitute a "particular Church," that have little relevance to the issues under discussion in this chapter.
Gomez, a Mexico-born member of the conservative Prelature of Opus Dei, spoke with a firm voice and a touch of wit.
Bishop Martin Jumoad of the prelature of Isabela said primary school age children have started arming themselves due to the escalation of hostilities in Mindanao.
While the Council of Aboriginal Organizations of Jujuy (COAJ) opposed to the pipeline, some community leaders accepted donations from the Corporation and avoided any public opposition to that affect, rather deferred to the Prelature of Humahuaca, which initially took an active role in favor of the pipeline and discredited the opposition leaders as "obstructionists to progress'.
Il pazzo non si cura de gli honori, sprezza le grandezza, & rifiuta i primi luoghi & a quei che tenemo savi d'altro gia non cale, & per conseguir preminenze, per acquistare prelature, soffrono caldo e gelo, perdono il sonno e anche spesse volte col sonno, la cara vita hora per voi stessi giudicate chi meglio l'intenda & qual veramente alla voce d'Iddio piu ubidisca.
The organization has long had its own order of priests, and in 1982, Pope John Paul II granted Opus Dei special status known as a "personal prelature.
Officially, it is the Catholic Church's only "personal prelature.
Andrew Soane Director, Information Office of the Opus Dei Prelature (UK)
Later he bestowed on the organization the status of "Personal Prelature," making Opus Dei responsible directly to Rome.