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Los resultados senalan que el subgrupo de ninos que empezaron con mejor nivel prelector, en el reconocimiento de letras, y en el reconocimiento de nombres escritos con cierto grado de desarrollo de la conciencia fonologica, con mejor habilidad para determinar analogias verbales y mejor rendimiento en la pruebas de Raven, fueron mejores lectores en los tres anos.
With this appeal to the public, the author skillfully obtains for the prelector the necessary attention and understanding for the satisfactory progression of the performance.
This is certainly not the only occasion in the course of the reading that the prelector would be interrupted, as the author also foresees when stating, "Ther is no other ping to ax" (5912).
rede" comprises both the actual prelector who translates the graphemes into phonemes ("lego librum illi"), and the passive listeners ("lego librum ab illo").
Joyce Coleman proposes that clerical prelectors who occupied religious and administrative roles in royal, upper-class, and ecclesiastical households would read Latin aloud and translate it for secular audiences in "Lay Readers and Hard Latin," Studies in the Age of Chaucer 24 (2002): 209-34.