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It has passed the standard legislative process, including the preliminary comment phase, the proper inter-ministerial commentary phase, the Government Council on Drug Policy and the Government Legislative Council," Bubla said, as quoted by TASR.
As a preliminary comment, the Court notes that the Commission criticises the disputed clause not only on account of its capacity to introduce a limit on the employer's liability, but also on account of its capacity to affect the scope of the general duty of safety incumbent on the employer.
In a preliminary comment TINE on Monday said that it does not share Konkurransetilsynet's view of the events.
He said ASEAN, for its part, may issue a statement on the election while the ministers are in Manila as a preliminary comment on the conduct of the Cambodian polls.
The informal preliminary comment among district judges, many of whom have been using smaller panels since the late 1970s, was 39 opposed versus 1 supporter.
The second preliminary comment concerns the nature of the panel data set itself.
It is, therefore disappointing that the US policy statement ignores the enormous sacrifices rendered by the Pakistani nation in this effort,' the Foreign Office in its preliminary comments on US President's policy statement on 'Afghanistan and South Asia', said.
The National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) submitted preliminary comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning a forthcoming process that the agency will use to conduct chemical risk assessments.
i) review and provide preliminary comments on draft bidding documents;
Another source shows the preliminary comments from Nomura, saying Emerson's report is full of not-directly-linked details, as well as hyperbole, but lack of logic.
Rupert Ridgewell demonstrated the beta version of the new interface to the UK-based Concert Programmes Database (CPP2), and the group offered a wide range of valuable preliminary comments on its design which will be fed into the evaluation process.
However, as we experience a decidedly resurgent Asia some preliminary comments may be made.

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