preliminary negotiation

See: overture
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Hogan and Hedegaard both stressed that it was essential to have this debate now - a preliminary negotiation session ahead of the global climate conference in Warsaw, Poland (November-December) was held in Bonn, Germany, from 29 April to 3 May.
Preliminary negotiation calls for 85K yuan for each of the recovered miners and 120K yuan for the other three buried and unrecoverable miners.
Furthermore, it will enhance the transparency and audit trail throughout the trade lifecycle, from the preliminary negotiation to the final confirmation by the counterparties and acceptance by Eurex Clearing.
The following services are to be provided: - Services of the planning of the civil engineering works LP 1 + 2 according to part 3, section 3 HOAI 2013, - Creation of the tasks for any special services necessary during planning (justification of necessity) Special feasibility assessments (eg soil mechanics) - coordination of the NANs for the special services and incorporation of their results into the object planning, - obtaining of the management and installation stock of the TBs for the route variants to be inspected, - preparation for the AG for preliminary negotiations with land owners in the form of detail plans , Overview tables, and more.
The US healthcare firm stated that there can be no assurance that any transaction will be signed from the preliminary negotiations.
I don't see any new way for preliminary negotiations," he said.
The Office of the Ombudsman accused Vitangcol of using his power and authority to award the contract to the firm being "the MRT-3 general manager/ chief end-user, head of the negotiating team, member of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), all in one, to dictate the proponents invited for the preliminary negotiations of the maintenance services.
The preliminary negotiations were kept under wraps for months and first revealed in June 2014.
NetDragon made a Hong Kong Stock Exchange Announcement on 9 June 2015 to the effect that it was in preliminary negotiations for a potential acquisition of up to USD 130m in the education market.
Lerner enlisted the help of Bank of America Merrill Lynch last year to help him offload the club and they are believed to be involved in the preliminary negotiations with the interested party.
What we are feeling after the preliminary negotiations now is that the atmosphere has changed a lot and the Islamic Republic of Iran is welcomed extraordinarily and we are witnessing abundant contacts and negotiations by other countries and think that the process has positive effects on the situation of (our) foreign economic ties," Shafeyee told FNA on Tuesday.

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