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See: prelude
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Subsequent to this preliminary part, he speaks about Staniloae's Orthodox perception about revelation and holiness (Frunza 2016, 35-40), about the divine attributes (p.
The estimated size of the wood chip boiler is to be planned according to first preliminary part of the community Schppingen about 2 x 200 kW.
All we can do now is wait and see whether the screening procedure will be completed speedily, as both leaders would like, or whether more time will be wasted on what is essentially the preliminary part of the talks.
The large-scale clearance on this remote mountain-side in north-eastern Greece is only the preliminary part of a gold mining project green-lighted by the country's cash-strapped government; a development that will see open-pit mines and several huge tailing dams built within a concession that spans over 31,700 hectares of ancient forest and farmland.
PCBs, polychlorinated biphenyls, which were a common component of building materials from the 1950s to 1978, were found in the older part of the Thomas Prince School building, when routine testing was conducted as a preliminary part of the school's Green Repair Project.
National Federation CEO Cliff Rosenthal stressed the federation was only in the exploratory or preliminary part of a process to determine the rules that would be necessary to determine which credit unions, if any, might be able to participate in the proceeds of such a bond.
Taking into consideration each of these requirements, the first step was for all the teams involved to review the preliminary part design for issues related to tooling, part thickness, and moldability.
The preliminary part of the process includes digging fifty-five production wells and ten wells that will monitor the quality and quality of water, the minister said.
Now when they are provided an opportunity, they give the customer a "value proposition" in lieu of a simple quotation, including a preliminary part design review and mold flow analysis.
18 (ANI): Pakistan's reply to the Indian 'dossier' of evidence will be ready in 10 days, as the preliminary part of the probe is nearly complete, the Country's Interior Adviser Rehman Malik has said.
During preliminary part of investigation, tests were carried on with cutting speeds up to extreme values of 400 m/min (Folea & Lupulescu, 2007), when tool inserts were damaged almost instantaneously.
Based on those answers and numbers, the automation system generates a very rough, preliminary part that already meets desired parameters and necessary tolerances.

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