preliminary step

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I have come simply to consult you as a preliminary step. I want a divorce, but the form in which it is possible is of great consequence to me.
As a preliminary step, I was released from my promise to her.
Would not the prospect of a total indemnity for all the preliminary steps be a greater temptation to undertake and persevere in an enterprise against the public liberty, than the mere prospect of an exemption from death and confiscation, if the final execution of the design, upon an actual appeal to arms, should miscarry?
Last March 29, the Vatican declared Ramos as a 'Servant of God", which is the preliminary step towards sainthood.
The stress test on the five banks that the ECB has selected is a preliminary step involved in the nation's formalities to enter the eurozone.
Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal said that the championships will be held, in Jeddah province, pointing out that such a move is preliminary step to host more prestigious world championships, in the future, to cement the Kingdom clout, on the world sports' stage.
Meanwhile, commenting on the ban on smoking in public places, Alias said the state government has taken a preliminary step by gazetting some areas as no-smoking zones, especially in restaurants and public parks such as Batu Burok Beach.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Bulgaria should send a request soon to join the banking union, a preliminary step before euro membership, and the assessment of its progress could take more than one year, European Central bank board member Benoit Coeure said on Thursday.
The CFPB has put out a request for information as a preliminary step before rulemaking, which is required by the Dodd-Frank Act, a section of which amends the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to require financial institutions to report information concerning credit applications made by women-owned, minority-owned, and small businesses in order to facilitate enforcement of fair lending laws.
This accomplishment is a preliminary step toward full-scale economic reforms, said Al-Ghanim who indicated that the prime problem in the sector remained concentration of large numbers of the workforce in the public sector.
The Qualified Vendor Listing may be used by DHS as a means for eliminating the preliminary step of agreement to standard terms and conditions in future bid solicitations which utilize this vendor pool.
He stressed the necessity to shorten the distance between Lebanon and emigrants in the world as a preliminary step towards giving the emigrants their rights.

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