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In other words, preludial axial compression in the case of defect-free PPTA fibers does not cause any significant permanent change in the fiber microstructure.
Sibelius considered Mendelssohn one of die two finest orchestrators who ever lived; Ferruccio Busoni hailed Mendelssohn's "undisputed greatness"; while Schumann called Mendelssohn "the Mozart of the nineteenth century, the most brilliant musician, who looks most clearly through the contradictions of the present, and who for the first time reconciles them." If the two Mendelssohn biographies under review--both of which were issued in 2008, as preludial responses to the bicentenary--had managed nothing else except to remind us of Mendelssohn's centrality to the art of his epoch, they would still be most valuable.
Later that summer in Konya, I saw someone doing the Rifai Turn at a roaring Qadiri zikr--it was Tassel-Pants the American, now dressed and capped in dervish gear and baggy Turkish shalvar--and after fifteen minutes of rapid whirling and a few preludial bellows he screamed horribly, clutched his head with both hands, and fell to a fetal position on the floor, trembling in every limb for a couple of minutes.