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El Libertador Simon Bolivar, cuyas teoria y praxis informan la doctrina que fundamenta nuestra revolucion, en esfingica invocacion a Dios dejo caer esta frase preludial de su desaparicion fisica:
Over the next decade or so, these suites were revised and rescored for two trebles and two basses, some of the writing was elaborated upon and 'improved', and additional preludial movements such as fantasias and pavans added, making the collection more 'highbrow' - thus emphasizing its function as chamber music rather than dance music.
The piece is in the conventional preludial form of 6 bars of 8/4; the score, from 1920, is a copy of an earlier score from 1787 transmitted by the Buddhist priest Miaoyin, while the bulk of the titles in the score belong to the 14th century.