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British bases officials were quoted on Friday as saying the suspect, of Iraqi Kurdish origin, denied the charges of premeditated murder of his 46 year old mother on August 30 at the Victoria Coach Park refugee settlement where the suspect's family and other refugee families are staying.
The prosecution had accused the defendant of premeditated murder, possession of a firearm and live ammunition without a license.
The judge decided to reduce the charge against the defendants from premeditated murder to assault that led todeath, after the victim's relatives pardoned the killers in return for Dhs200,000 blood money.
However, only the seven men in police custody appeared in court yesterday to plead not guilt to charges of premeditated murder, being part of a terrorist group, causing an explosion and possessing bombs.
Justin Bourque, 24, had pleaded guilty in August to five counts against himthree for premeditated murder and two others for attempted murder for the officers he wounded.
A special tribunal acquitted 18 inmates on Thursday after ruling out any possibility of convicting them of the premeditated murder of one of Dubai's most notorious outlaws inside Dubai Central Jail.
Although reports suggest that Omotehinde struggled with alcohol addiction, one neighbour claimed that his actions were premeditated.
Summary: A man who allegedly stabbed his friend repeatedly stood trial in the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday on the charge of premeditated attempt to murder.
A jury of 13 retired military officers convicted Hasan of 45 counts of premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder.
Nidal Hasan is facing numerous counts of premeditated murder and attempted premeditated murder for the attack, which killed 13 people and wounded more than 30 others at the sprawling Army post in central Texas on Nov.
nz, Pistorius' lawyers have initiated negotiations for a settlement before Pistorius goes on trial from March 3- March 20 next year on a charge of premeditated murder for Steenkamp's shooting death.
OSCAR Pistorius will be charged with the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend on Monday.