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One is left wondering whether these poets premeditatedly "planted" evidence for a psychoanalytic interpretation.
To say I premeditatedly pointed at a precise spot on the animal, carefully calculated the distance, thought about technical questions, and released with precision would be to lie.
The suggestion of premeditatedness of Lula's plan is there in the play at the beginning, when the direction reads that she "begins very premeditatedly to smile," as well as at the play's end, and thus frames the main action of the play (4).
According to them, Tommy also gave a green light or persuaded Mulawarman, another defendant, ''to intentionally take the life of Justice Syaifuddin, an action that was premeditatedly planned.
For a journalistic account of the 1971 court-martial, see generally MARY McCARTHY, MEDINA (1972); in addition to the charge that his men premeditatedly committed murder at My Lai, the Captain was also charged with personally shooting a woman, shooting a child, and two counts of assaulting a prisoner with a rifle.
He could premeditatedly kill them as punishment or for the mere pleasure of watching them die.
Three Emiratis, aged between 19 and 22, allegedly premeditatedly murdered a compatriot, waiting for him outside a hotel and then beating him up and stabbing him several times, a court heard.
Sharjah, July 12 (ANI): The 'Sharjah Sharia Court of First Instance' has convicted an Indian man and sentenced him to death for premeditatedly beating another man to death.
By escalating militarily and responding disproportionately, the extremist right -- wing government of Israel is premeditatedly acting with open eyes to preempt the evolution of a united regional and international front in consensus on a two --state solution for the conflict; the best way to split the already burgeoning consensus is to fuel regional anti -- Americanism as a tested ploy to disintegrate whatever Arab, Turkish and U.
Indeed, the climate that preceded the match and will persist until the decisive day in Umm Durman has shown the peoples as well as the officials of the two countries as if they had all premeditatedly chosen this confrontation.
More compelling, the prosecution did communicate incorrectly to the jury that Yates premeditatedly had decided to use a ruse she saw on the nonexistent episode of "Law and Order" to kill the her kids while claiming insanity as a strategy for escaping punishment.
of premeditatedly killing the schoolboy by beating him on different parts of his body with his hands and hard objects.