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This left him defenseless, a circumstance that may qualify for both evident premeditation and treachery, he said.
Being an accomplice to the felony of intentional homicide of 21 other persons with premeditation by using explosive materials;
It was a single act, it was in isolation and there was a lack of any significant premeditation," he said.
Amy Jacobs, defending, argued that there had been no premeditation.
Les mis en en causes sont poursuivis pour "attroupement arme pendant la nuit, incitation a la violence, rebellion, coups et blessures avec premeditation a l'encontre de fonctionnaires dans l'exercice de leurs fonctions, utilisation des armes, destruction de biens publics et prives et entrave de la voie publique", selon une source judiciaire.
In mitigation yesterday, Osman's legal team claimed there was no premeditation when his client stabbed the soldier, and asked the court for leniency.
Therefore, they'll have to sit next to each other sincerely and finish the job with a positive premeditation, Rizaov concludes.
Elle a neanmoins souligne que l'evolution rapide des evenements a largement esquinte les forces policieres, ce qui pourrait donner l'impression, qu'il existe la une premeditation pour destabiliser le pays et ebranler la legitimite.
He added: "The giving of this drug to Amy required, as it must have done, the crushing of tablet or tablets involving a significant degree or planning and premeditation.
Defining mens rea clearly and adjudicating it accurately have long been problems where the law requires separation between knowing and hapless actors, or between states such as premeditation and heat of passion.
Gagg suggests "there was premeditation for what happened" Wednesday, adding that football authorities "can't avoid a problem" if violence is organized around a match.
At his sentencing, the judge in the case ordered that "life must mean life", criticising the greed that lay behind Neilson's attacks, the vulnerability of the victims and the premeditation.