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At all events,' observed Fledgeby, with a dry whistle, 'I hope she ain't bad enough to put any chap up to the fastenings, and get the premises broken open.
Upon the fourth day of the assassination, a party of the police came, very unexpectedly, into the house, and proceeded again to make rigorous investigation of the premises.
If the police desire to continue to search the premises, they may secure the area and seek a search warrant.
Charles Derk, Design and Development Engineer at Lutron, one of the largest and most respected lighting system manufacturers in the world, also thinks Premise has the right answer: "Lutron has always been at the forefront of technology delivering value to our customers.
Eliminating the need for a hardware-based modem, this type of customer premise device utilizes the processing power of the PC, requiring only a small, inexpensive, bridging device at each phone (similar to DSL's micro-filters) to deliver the derived voice services.
This same technology will soon be available for all new and updated West CD-ROM Libraries and other books on magnetic media (CD-ROM, floppy disk, or hard drive) that are published using PREMISE Publisher, the publishing component of the PREMISE Information Management System.
The appraiser selects the appropriate premise based on the appraisal's purpose and objective and the property's actual condition.
Dated this 21st day of February 2018 O'REILLY STEWART Solicitors for the Applicant Courtside House 75/77, May Street Belfast BT1 3JL To:- the Clerk of Petty Sessions for the above-named petty sessions district; the District Commander, Musgrave PSNI, 60 Victoria Street, Belfast being the district in which the premises is situated and in which the applicant has its registered office; Belfast City Council, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast being the district council for the district in which the premises are situated.
Two females were seen leaving the premises from a side door.
In its decision notice the panel said that since 2009 there had been a large number of incidents of disorder, fighting and assaults in and around the premises.
Designated-premises endorsements are meant to limit an insurer's risk to occurrences at the primary business premises used by an insured.
B) The part of other premises, other structures and grounds used by you as a residence and: