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n. 1) in real estate, land and the improvements on it, a building, store, shop, apartment, or other designated structure. The exact premises may be important in determining if an outbuilding (shed, cabana, detached garage) is insured or whether a person accused of burglary has actually entered a structure. 2) in legal pleading, premises means "all that has hereinabove been stated," as in a prayer (request) at the end of a complaint asking for "any further order deemed proper in the premises" (an order based on what has been stated in the complaint.) (See: real estate, structure)

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PREMISES. that which is put before. The word has several significations; sometimes it means the statements which have been before made; as, I act upon these premises; in this sense, this word may comprise a variety of subjects, having no connexion among themselves; 1 East, R. 456; it signifies a formal part of a deed; and it is made to designate an estate.

PREMISES, estates. Lands and tenements are usually, called premises, when particularly spoken of; as, the premises will be sold without reserve. 1 East, R. 453.

PREMISES, conveyancing. That part in the beginning of a deed, in which are set forth the names of the parties, with their titles and additions, and in which are recited such deeds, agreements, or matters of fact, as are necessary to explain the reasons upon which the contract then entered into is founded; and it is here also the consideration on which it is made, is set down, and the certainty of the thing granted. 2 Bl. Com. 298. The technical meaning of the premises in a deed, is every thing which precedes the habendum. 8 Mass. R. 174; 6 Conn. R. 289. Vide Deed.

PREMISES, equity pleading. That part of a bill usually denominated the stating part of the bill. It contains a narrative of the facts and circumstances of the plaintiff's case, and the wrongs of which he complains, and the names of the persons by whom done, and against whom he seeks redress. Coop. Eq. Pl..9; Bart. Suit in equity, 27; Mitf. Eq. Pl. by Jeremy, 43; Story, Eq. Pl. Sec. 27; 4 Bouv, Inst. n. 4158.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To:-the Chief Clerk at Dungannon Courthouse, 46 Killyman Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DE; the Clerk of Petty Sessions, Dungannon Courthouse, 46 Killyman Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DE; the District Commander at Dungannon PSNI, 1 Quarry Lane, Dungannon, BT70 1HX being the District Command Unit in which the applicant resides and in which the premises are situated; and Mid Ulster District Council, Circular Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DT being the district council for the district in which the premises are situated
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In addition to a leasehold mortgage that a lender requires to secure a loan, most lenders will also require a lien under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) encumbering the company's equipment, trade fixtures, and other removable personal property located on the leased premises. The lease must include language that provides that such personal property is and will remain the property of the tenant, and may be removed from the premises by the tenant or its lender.