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Cornford-Wicksteed distinguish the explicit [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] from the implicit [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (tacitly introducing the second premiss) by using 'if' for the first (explicit) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] and 'since' for the second (implicit) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]: (12) But if on the other hand we admit that every distance or motion is divisible, so must the corresponding periods of time be, since a thing moving at a uniform velocity will cover a part of any distance in less time than the whole.
In conclusion, the case for interpreting the flight of the three brothers in The Battle of Maldon as a deliberate act of betrayal by Danish sympathizers depends on the premiss that their father bears a distinctively Scandinavian name.
What is more important, though, for our purposes is that it makes clear the degree to which the force of his argument critically depends on the plausibility of the premiss that legalization would create a far greater number of victims than keeping the ban.
(Calov compiles and supplements Luther's own commentaries and references.) The allusions garnered in this way will not always be as literal as those that Meyer cites; in fact, they often represent what Unger calls 'conceptual allusions' to broad theological themes..In considering them, we can at least begin with the premiss that they are directly relevant to Bach and to the perspective of his listeners in the early eighteenth century.
It is essentially the value premiss which forms the praxis of the grassroots as a development paradigm.
All the criticism starts with the premiss that the work environment has changed, but business schools have not adapted to this change and are, therefore, not preparing their graduates to become the new type of managers that must lead self-directed work teams.
Based on the premiss that industry needs to innovate and upgrade in order to remain competitive it has been suggested that there is a need for innovative operational principles such as JIT, total quality management and lean manufacturing together with supporting information technologies to be provided at all levels within the supply chain.
The premiss on which it was written is the need for those within the training function to become sufficiently aware of business concepts and notions so that they can understand more fully some of the pressures and considerations with which their clients within the business have to contend.
It is my premiss that this formal model is the most suitable one to study the emerging relationship area.
The first premiss suggests that androgynous leaders will have a wider range of possible reactions for any situation.
Dhalla and Yuspeh's article is the one most quoted as the premiss for recent scepticism over the product life cycle theory's general applicability (Mercer, 1993a).
The information is still compiled by a group of people experienced with demographic and consumer data, and it is organized around the premiss that knowing and understanding your customer (whether you market directly to consumers or to a business that markets to consumers) will be the key to extracting the most value from your enterprise.