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Ninety-four logging businesses were contacted during November and December 2010 first using a prenotice letter followed 3 days later by the questionnaire.
A brief and personalized prenotice letter was mailed to 255 school counselors that introduced the researcher, informed the recipient that he or she would be receiving a mailed invitation to complete a questionnaire, described the purpose of the study, and asked for his or her participation.
The method prescribes sampling procedures to represent the population of interest and several points of contact with questionnaire recipients, including a mailed prenotice letter, a personalized questionnaire cover letter, a reminder postcard, and a personalized replacement questionnaire cover letter.
Similarly, Kaplowitz, Hadlock, and Levine (2004) found that an Internet survey method that included a prenotice postcard, an e-mail invitation, and a reminder postcard was cheaper than a mail survey.
The survey was done according to the Total Design Method (Dillman 1991) (questionnaire kept fairly short, cognitive pretesting, prenotice letter signed by the director of LEIF, individually addressed mailings, prepaid return envelope, three reminders).
First, participants were sent a prenotice e-mail to establish the importance of the coming survey.
While the statute expressly authorizes prenotice emergency repairs, it is silent as to whether the owner is precluded from making the repairs before the notice procedure is satisfied.
A prenotice contact letter outlining the purpose of the study and a website location for the questionnaire was mailed to each teacher.
The first mailing consisted of a prenotice letter informing recipients that a survey would be mailed to them.
Five contacts were made by first-class mail which included a brief prenotice letter, three questionnaire mailings, and a thank-you postcard.
Following Dillman's Tailored Design Method (Dillman 2000), the first mailing of the four-wave mailing system included a prenotice letter.