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Cette plateforme interactive sera un moyen d'identifier les preoccupations des jeunes et de faire parvenir leurs voix concernant plusieurs problematiques, tels que la formation, l'emploi et les loisirs, tout en veillant a trouver des solutions a ces preoccupations et a suivre de la reactivite des services publics", a precise la ministre.
Mots cles : preoccupations ethiques; profession enseignante; collegial; groupe de discussion (focus group)
These preoccupations are related notably to brain drains, generic medicines and scientific research In health sector, he said, stressing the current threat of swine flu to which the continent and Algeria prepared well.
Le present article tentera d'utiliser les mesures les moins controversees possible des preoccupations feminines.
In "Getting Saved," a teenage boy, torn between his fundamentalist faith and the normal preoccupations of teenage boys, is haunted by a glimpse of a naked girl: "It was Sarah Koslowski, .
Showing major works along with a variety of lesser works, the book exhibits the distinctive art on contemporary preoccupations by which this artist has gained her much-deserved recognition.
Josephine McDonagh's richly textured study evokes the changing cultural preoccupations surrounding child murder, as seen across a wide range of 18th and 19th c.
In the course of his diatribe he swipes at every form of "political correctness"; examples of cultural materialist, feminist, and psychoanalytic criticism are held up to derision for imposing modern preoccupations upon the plays.
Ce faisant, on repond directement aux preoccupations des jeunes du Nord de l'Ontario ayant participe aux consultations regionales et au Symposium des jeunes, tenu a Sault Ste.
Jan Steen, born in Leiden the first son of successful brewers, recorded the travails and preoccupations of his contemporaries: women in their households, cavaliers on the town, village doctors, peasants in the countryside, children skating on the frozen canals, markets overflowing with goods, and the living quarters of average people.
By beginning with a volume of "Selected Stories"--stories spanning the career of a writer--we were able to identify preoccupations of the writer throughout the body of his work, as well as ascertain tonal changes and other developments.
Such are the preoccupations of a Martha Stewart shopper.