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He had been too preoccupied with his own scholarly thoughts in the past to consider the little occurrences, the chance words, which would have indicated to a more practical man that these young people were being drawn more and more closely to one another.
But here, preoccupied though he was, he could not fail to notice the picturesqueness of the place.
A spectator less preoccupied than Madame de Cintre's distracted wooer would have felt sure from the first that her appealing calm of manner was the result of violent effort, in spite of which the tide of agitation was rapidly rising.
The Department of Home Affairs has taken note of a video clip which depicts an official seemingly preoccupied with her cellular phone while at work.
Klopp denies his Reds are preoccupied with attacking opponents JURGEN KLOPP has dismissed suggestions Liverpool are too preoccupied with attacking, insisting: "Our first thought is to defend.
Labour said it showed how the Tories are now completely preoccupied with a struggle over who will be their next leader.
secure, fearful, pre-occupied and dismissing), self-esteem and rejection sensitivity level among university students; and to explore the mediating role of self-esteem betweenrelationship of preoccupied attachment style with rejection sensitivity.
Her mother is preoccupied and worried about Jack, her premature baby son, her father is away working and her grandmother comes in regularly to create some order out of the chaos.
Those who endorse secure and dismissing attachment styles will report less relationship anxiety as compared with fearful and preoccupied attachment styles.
Dr Harvey Jones, who runs the Young People's Clinic in Whitchurch Hospital, Cardiff, said, "During adolescence teenagers should be starting to learn how to cope with other people, but they are so preoccupied with these machines and could find relationships difficult in later life.
They need proximity and reassurance to feel secure, and as a result are preoccupied with being connected to others.
The pounds 100,000-a-year manager claimed his speed drifted up because he was preoccupied with the uncertain terms of his dying father's will.