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Two investigator-created surveys, one for patients and one for caregivers, were based on the San Francisco VA Medical Center preoperative teaching booklet developed by the movement disorders clinical nurse specialist and information from the University of California, San Francisco movement disorders nurse.
Those who agreed to participate were required to answer questions using the following tools before preoperative teaching, and the following day, before head frame placement (see Table 1).
Effects of demographic characteristics on preoperative teaching outcomes: A meta-analysis.
Preoperative teaching can help relieve some of these feelings and contribute to the patient's positive recovery (O'Shea, 2001).
Provide preoperative teaching regarding the spinal pathology and the procedure that the surgeon will use to correct the pathology.
The nurse provides preoperative teaching which is described in Table 3.
The focus of the article is on nursing assessment and preoperative teaching as a means to minimize postoperative complications.