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(42) In an attempt to reconcile himself to the notion of preordination, Milisav Savic is much more explicit than Pantic: 'Kis dispelled our [...] illusions of literature being capable of substantially improving this world, because even if it can do any such thing, it amounts to no more than a voice in the wilderness or a message in a bottle.' (46) Savic's intuitive grasp of the axiological order of A Tomb for Boris Davidovich fits well with the myth of cyclical time, evoked by the narrator in 'Dogs and Books'.
He has sent me on this charmed path." The first concrete sign of her preordination was an NEA that took her to France, where, naturally, she blossomed.
Pinker: By fate, I don't mean divine preordination. I mean uncontrollable fortune.
Furthermore, requiring some sort of comprehensive preordination paper or project, certainly not a research thesis, would serve several ends.
The 30-something social-worker pastor, Father Ray, is cute enough to be a Father What-a-Waste, but spends as much time struggling with a dryness in his prayer life as he does wrestling with the remains of a preordination affair.
Theological determinists, such as Leibniz and Jonathan Edwards, appealed to a similar notion of freedom in order to reconcile divine preordination with human responsibility for sin.
Some cite Jeremiah 1:5 ("Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations"), but many readers find this to be a statement of Jeremiah's preordination, not the inception of his personhood.
This was verified by interviews with the priest's preordination girlfriends and with Jewish mothers of unmarried sons.