preparation of laws

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The meeting stressed the importance of the principle of separation of powers and provide full support for the independence of the judiciary and work on the formation of a joint committee between the Presidency of the Republic and the Supreme Judicial Council, to review the laws in force and work on the preparation of laws and legislation required by the next phase./ End
Priority preparation of laws to implement justice reform will continue to be the main challenge of the new parliamentary session.
The first step taken by Uzbekistan towards economic reform was the preparation of laws and regulations governing its economic course.
The Chief Minister directed that there should be a timeline for the preparation of laws, regulations and the subsequent notification.
Bulgarian NGO Risk Monitor has accused Parliament of being too passive as regards the preparation of laws and strategies for the long-term fight against corruption and organized crime.
Some of these procedures include the amendment of the constitution to execute 10 visions, the preparation of laws to implement 12 visions and the undertaking of procedures to activate three visions.
First, it has participated in the preparation of laws. For example, the union was a strong partner in the preparation of social insurance law, union law and civil service law.
The government has been studying the legislation since 1977, but has said the study will not lead to the actual preparation of laws, to mitigate concerns over the controversial legislation.

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