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Bradenton Preparatory Academy, a renowned US school that offers an integrated programme covering education and extra-curricula activity, will open its campus in Dubai this year.
The activists within the European Social Forum process collectively organise the ESF summit through a series of transnational preparatory assemblies.
All students are now required to take three years of college preparatory math and science and two years of foreign language.
Today, the Claremont Preparatory building is almost complete.
There are 130,000 pupils in more than 500 schools of all types and sizes, which are members of the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS).
A LEADING educationalist was yesterday appointed to head an inquiry into sexual abuse at a top Northern Ireland preparatory school.
1504, whose pricked cartoon demonstrates Renaissance preparatory technique, as do sketches for later works.
"Terrorists commit hundreds of preparatory and ancillary crimes ...
Naval Academy combined spend tens of millions of dollars to operate preparatory schools that provide an alternative avenue for about 700 students annually to gain admission to the service academies.
On the advice of a psychiatrist, C transfers S to a boarding school in Connecticut that specializes in college preparatory education for children with certain disabilities.
At the Bronx Preparatory Charter School we enjoy the talents of a aster teacher, Frederick Shannon.
Nations taking part in a third session of talks at a preparatory committee for an upcoming U.N.