prepare the ground

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"I think that it may prepare the ground for your next interview with Miss Haldin if I tell you of it.
The rectory took much notice of him about that time, and I believe the young ladies attempted to prepare the ground for his conversion.
It will also prepare the ground to ensure transparent transfer/posting of officers in NHA.
He said, such training sessions will greatly prepare the ground to maintain ISO 9001-2015 certification in the coming years.
It is hoped that these measures will eventually prepare the ground to improve the performance of the organisation and ensure the completion of projects on time and with quality.
Darkstar Ventures has updated Samsara Luggage, combining Design, Technology and Aviation-Standard Materials, finalizing steps that prepare the ground for worldwide sales of its smart cases.
Irans Foreign Ministry spokesman has welcomed the formation of the new Lebanese government, expressing hope it will strengthen friendship among Lebanese parties and prepare the ground for further development of the Arab country.
Parliamentary unions in the region and world can prepare the ground for sustainable development of the countries through joint economic and trade policies, the MP said.
They are greedy plants and need lots of sun so prepare the ground well and mulch.
He hoped that the deal will prepare the ground for more future cooperation.
Also, its purpose is to provide more quality for the country and prepare the ground for further international interactions, Moqaddam said.
He expressed hope that the possible prisoner swaps will prepare the ground for advancing the UN-brokered peace talks.

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