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Valentine," he answered, "during my long watch over you, all I have observed has been what people visited you, what nourishment was prepared, and what beverage was served; then, when the latter appeared dangerous to me, I entered, as I have now done, and substituted, in the place of the poison, a healthful draught; which, instead of producing the death intended, caused life to circulate in your veins.
Duncan had prepared himself to pass the night in watchfulness near them, just without the ruin, but the scout, perceiving his intention, pointed toward Chingachgook, as he coolly disposed his own person on the grass, and said:
While he spoke, however, the young soldier seized his rifle, and advancing toward the front, prepared to atone for his venial remissness, by freely exposing his life in defense of those he attended.
Imitating these movements, the young man prepared himself for the struggle which now seemed inevitable.
They had gone there, and in each case the teachers had found them so well prepared that they entered advanced classes.
According to the results of a survey released today by automotive consultancy Syncata Corporation, more than 85 percent of vehicle manufacturers stated that they were prepared to generate and submit early warning reports to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as required by the Transportation Recall, Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act.
Currently deeds are prepared through a title company or attorney," said Aaron Romano, CEO of North American Deed.
4 million taxpayers who prepared their return using the product line last year.
There are serious doubts that the 55,000 drinking water utilities and the 16,000 publicly owned wastewater facilities in the United States will be prepared for Y2K".
Because the tax return is prepared on a secure Intuit server, users benefit by being able to prepare and file tax forms, anytime and anywhere, in a Web-browser format familiar to millions of Americans.
Program quality varies widely, with the majority of teachers prepared in lower-quality programs, and state regulations and accreditation standards are insufficient to maintain quality.