prepared for sale

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Beekeepers will be on hand to explain how bees live, how nectar is collected and then honey is produced by the bees before being extracted and prepared for sale.
He was using the scale to weigh the quantities prepared for sale.
At Linden Foods in North Tyneside, cattle and sheep are slaughtered and prepared for sale in some of the UK's best known retailers.
Mr Flewitt said police CCTV evidence would show "obvious drug dealing" was going on from the home address of Ian Peake, in Dorrit Street, Toxteth, after being prepared for sale at Acorn Court, Toxteth, home of Jamil Hussein.
This website will ensure all Victorians have access to the status of Government land currently on the market, as well as parcels of land being prepared for sale and recent sales.
Laboratory in the coastal town of Santa Pola were also reportedly raided by police and they found evidence there that cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines had been prepared for sale alongside 300 grams of the drugged chocolates.
com[R] of over 1,000 homes (62% vacant, 38% occupied) across the Continental US and Canada that had been prepared for sale by Accredited Staging Professionals[R] (ASP[R]) in today's market.
It's believed the drugs were being prepared for sale at a city-centre flat.
It has been prepared for sale by Jaguar specialist Don Law Racing in Staffordshire, where PS25,000 has been spent getting the car ready.
While opinion is split regarding the way a store horse should be prepared for sale, Paul Thorman of Trickledown Stud has clear ideas.
A retail bakery is also planned where artisanal breads, pastries and cookies will be prepared for sale on-premise and within the Tour De France Group, which is also responsible for the nighly successful L'Express, Le Monde, Cafe D'Alsace, Pigalle and Marseille, Nizza Pizza and Five Napkin Burger.
Steven Sinclair took the digger, its trailer and attachments from a motor auction site as it was being prepared for sale.