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Commemorating the occasion of the "infidels' abolishing the caliphate," the slogan of Hizb ut-Tahrir raised at the Bristol Conference, and "Caliphate Now," the slogan of Omar Bakri, do not hint that preparing the ground in Lebanon for it to become a wilaya of the caliphate will be non-violent, or fail to prepare everyone for strife and civil war.
The three would be discussing issues of mutual concern and preparing the ground for an Arab League summit in Doha, expected to take place on March 30, according to diplomatic sources.
United Utilities workmen preparing the ground for pipes called in archaeologists, who found buildings and cobbled streets - along with pottery gaming counters, cups and ornate jewellery.
9 hectare) site, preparing the ground for the proposed new regional investment site, new homes and parks planned by developer St Modwen and joint land owner Advantage West Midlands.
An impact assessment of discard policy for specific fisheries, preparing the ground for potential EU legislation next year restricting discards;
These last 10 months, we have been preparing the ground.
The discovery was made by contractors preparing the ground for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) pipeline from Milford Haven.
The initiative was launched at the Family Community Care Centre, in Ramsden Avenue, Camp Hill, where offenders have been cutting back overgrown areas and preparing the ground for landscaping.
Roger Rodgers was preparing the ground for a patio when he dug up this intriguing object, which has a cricketing connection.
Niketu Iralu was Convenor of the Coordination Committee preparing the ground for renewed negotiations between Nagas and India, and is a member of the Nagaland Baptist Church Peace Committee.

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