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Commemorating the occasion of the "infidels' abolishing the caliphate," the slogan of Hizb ut-Tahrir raised at the Bristol Conference, and "Caliphate Now," the slogan of Omar Bakri, do not hint that preparing the ground in Lebanon for it to become a wilaya of the caliphate will be non-violent, or fail to prepare everyone for strife and civil war.
Roger Rodgers was preparing the ground for a patio when he dug up this intriguing object, which has a cricketing connection.
Niketu Iralu was Convenor of the Coordination Committee preparing the ground for renewed negotiations between Nagas and India, and is a member of the Nagaland Baptist Church Peace Committee.
Swinney said: ''It is part of an orchestrated softening-up campaign preparing the ground for Labour to break their commitments on education fees.
Contractors are preparing the ground ready for building work to start later this year on land off Allard Way in Ernesford Grange, Coventry.
Preparing the ground with well-drained topsoil and compost prior to planting will result in reduced fertilizer and water needs and a greater tolerance to cold.
Dr Ornath's participation in this conference proved very helpful in expanding TraceGuard's professional and commercial contacts and in preparing the ground for future collaboration.
The common objective, as stipulated by the Geneva Communique, should be the immediate cessation of armed violence by all sides and the establishment of a transitional governing body, exercising full executive powers, in charge of preparing the ground for the holding of free, fair and transparent elections, in which the whole of the Syrian people will express their democratic will.
Yesterday, after preparing the ground, the group planted more than 50 plants, which were mainly shrubs, such as silver birch, dogwood, witchhazel and honeysuckle.

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