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We are excited to be up and running with Lightbridge PrePay IN, which gives us the ability to bring new data services to our GSM subscriber base," said Leon Williams, chief operating officer and senior vice president at BTC.
Both PrePay Open and PhoneFuel are part of Lightbridge's Telesto mobile business product line and can be extended through the addition of optional services including fraud management, churn analysis and marketing.
PrePay Open gives Union Telephone a cost-effective solution enabling the carrier to scale to accommodate a broader range of subscribers, while offering a wide range of programs targeted to meet the needs of their subscribers.
In February 2000, Corsair and BCP initiated a trial of Corsair's PrePay Open, a new product announced at the CTIA Wireless 2000 Conference in New Orleans, LA.
PrePay Open offers real-time performance and supports wireless infrastructures from Ericsson, Motorola, Lucent, Nortel and others.
The Corsair PrePay billing system is based upon the emerging Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) standards and uses IS41c messaging and SS7 signaling to set up and route wireless prepaid calls without the need for an adjunct switch.