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According to the company, 760,000 British Gas prepay customers are paying PS222 more a year than they need and 320,000 Npower prepay homes pay PS160 more than required.
Hayden Wood, co-founder and chief executive of Bulb said: "There's no good reason why these suppliers are charging prepay customers so much more for their energy."
Suppliers typically charge more for prepay meters because the cost of running them is higher.
Prepay Nation ( ) has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years.
Prepay Nation is a growth company in the business of enabling the transfer of small values from one person to another (P2P) across international borders.
Prepay Nation's partnership with Tagattitude complements their strong growth initiative into productized remittance opportunities that allow immigrant workers to buy goods and services for their family members back home on a real-time basis, rather than sending cash via conventional money remittance channels.
"With the increasing demand among members of various global diasporas for productized remittance opportunities to support their dependents back home, we are always looking for innovative methods to satisfy that need ," explains Prepay Nation ( ) CEO, Anurag Jain, "Integrating with TagPay was a natural choice, as our existing customers who currently transfer airtime will now have the option to transfer value into a mobile wallet of a family member abroad.
Fiscal-year entities will, therefore, be subject to the same cutoff date as calendar-year taxpayers, and should also arrange to prepay membership dues before Jan.