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The Loan is secured by the underlying real estate and prepayable at Emeritus' option.
The loan is prepayable throughout the term on a declining scale and also has a 5-year option to extend.
The loan is prepayable without penalty after three years.
Moving forward, lenders and governments would b e wise to give serious attention to developing markets that support long-term, prepayable fixed-rate mortgages.
The loan matures on July 11, 2017, and is prepayable, without penalty, at any time.
The New Notes will be prepayable at any time without penalty and will be required to be prepaid with the net proceeds that may be obtained from the issuance of other notes.
An additional crucial element to understanding the workings of the MBS market is the knowledge that because mortgages are prepayable at par before maturity, the average life of a mortgage pass-through is always far shorter than its stated final maturity.
The loan is on a 30-year amortization schedule and is prepayable throughout the term on a declining scale, plus has a five-year extension option.
Of the two types of MBS, prepayable and non-prepayable, the social housing mortgages fall into the non-prepayable MBS category.
The loan matures on January 11, 2017, and is prepayable without penalty at any time.
The loan is prepayable with a swap breakage feature that only results in a significant pre-payment penalty if interest rates are lower than on the day the loan was originated.