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Under the UO's existing rules, the UO could suspend a student for as long as a decade using the preponderance of evidence standard, UO spokeswoman Rita Radostitz said.
the new evidence not considered by the USPTO, and (3) preponderance of
Essentially, the question presented was whether the [Extradition Treaty between the US and Ireland] permitted dual criminality to be assessed in consideration of the law of a preponderance of the States and, if so, [did] it appeared probable that dual criminality does not exist as between the law of Ireland and the law of a preponderance of the States [L]egal research indicated that several Courts have stated that, absent duality as between the law of the requesting State and federal law and the State where the relator is found, the Treaty language would permit an assessment of dual criminality in view of the law of a preponderance of the States.
The Labour Party conference had a preponderance of women delegates
Rather, the more reasonable conclusion is that the absence of an evidentiary standard indicates that a preponderance of the evidence--the traditional, default standard--applies.
Other areas with a preponderance of outbound moves include: San Jose, Calif.
Connecticut: For tax years beginning after 1998, corporations must add back to Federal taxable income interest and intangible expenses/costs directly or indirectly paid to related members, unless the corporation: (1) establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the adjustments are unreasonable; (2) establishes by a preponderance of the evidence that the transaction did not have as a principal purpose the avoid ante of tax and during the same tax year, the related member paid the expense to an unrelated person; or (3) agrees in writing with the commissioner to the use of an alternative apportionment method; see P.
In many cases, though, only a hunch exists, which does not provide a preponderance of evidence.
According to WHO President and CEO Andrew Briscoe, "We remain adamant that any scientific report that affects world health policies and global implementation strategies must be based on the preponderance of scientific evidence.
The court said in a footnote that, based on the preponderance of evidence, the decision would be the same even if the burden of proof were on the IRS.
Also distinctly English is the preponderance of English authors.