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He is an illustration of the period of culture in which the faculty of appreciation has obtained such a preponderance over that of production that the latter sinks into a kind of rank sterility, and the mental condition becomes analogous to that of a malarious bog.
Our continents seem to have been formed by a preponderance, during many oscillations of level, of the force of elevation; but may not the areas of preponderant movement have changed in the lapse of ages?
From the great preponderance in most countries of certain common genera of birds, such as the finches, one feels at first surprised at meeting with the peculiar forms above enumerated, as the commonest birds in any district.
Not less conspicuous is the preponderance of nature over will in all practical life.
In the wealthy Kashinsky province, which always took the lead of other provinces in everything, there was now such a preponderance of forces that this policy, once carried through properly there, might serve as a model for other provinces for all Russia.
what class of men have an immense preponderance over the rest of the community, in their power of representing public opinion in the legislature?
Owing to the proximity of the Hay Market, the number of establishments of bad character, the preponderance of the trading and working class population crowded in these streets and alleys in the heart of Petersburg, types so various were to be seen in the streets that no figure, however queer, would have caused surprise.
He told ANI that, "There was a time when there was certain kind of preponderance of the executives, and then it was replaced by a preponderance of judiciary.
The preponderance of evidence standard requires a hearing panel or administrator to decide whether it was more likely than not that the alleged violation took place.
litigation: (1) preponderance of the evidence, and (2) clear and
A provision recognizing that schools must apply a preponderance of evidence standard of proof when assessing the merits of a complaint of sex-based discrimination, harassment and/or violence;
This week and thereabouts has a preponderance of yartzeits (death anniversaries) of noted Jews, and the list has grown noticeably in recent years.