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413 indicating that some of the parents preponderantly contained recessive genes in them as compared to others.
This is a "transparent" mode of writing focused on dialogue backed by incisive description of action and setting backed up by preponderantly adept excursions into the first-person indirect and divorced--for the most part divorced--from overt authorial voice.
Urethral calculi are preponderantly found in the prostatic urethra, the bulb, the proximal penile urethra, the fossa navicularis and external meatus.
The remaining differences between isolates in subclades IB and II were present in nonstructural (NS) genes and are preponderantly conservative mutations, with the exception of position 31 in NS3, which was nonconservative.
The prose passages are preponderantly taken from texts related in one way or another to the Reformation and the controversies which it raised: even the extract from Pitscottie's Historie and Cronikles of Scotland is his account of the burning of George Wishart.
Attitudes toward same-sex marriage are in a state of generational change, with favorable views growing among the young, while older citizens continue to be preponderantly opposed.
As far as the diminished perspective over the study parameters is concerned, (nominal values in Rokeach's table), respectively, an extension of them toward a sketch of spiritual physiognomy, by appealing to an interpretation of axiological categories with a high degree of generalization (level III, II and I categories), the Romanian soldier's ethnic profile, cannot be investigated by taking as well into consideration such factors as ethos, place, tradition and language and by a preponderantly quantitative research.
But the court clearly laid down that i) the competitions where success depends on substantial degree of skill are not 'gambling' and ii) despite there being an element of chance if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it would neverthless be a game of "mere skill".
The acting president is also facing continued tensions at the fault-line between the country's Muslim North and the preponderantly Christian south, where in January and March this year hundreds were killed in ethnic and religious clashes.
Genital tract involvement is the most common by 80%, juxta vesical location, preponderantly retrovesical, is even rarer (2-4).
0 sees the public and the media as the highest priority, the central battlefield where information is preponderantly open source, public, and intended for external use.