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2) Beardsley contests the confusion wrought by the jagged edge of puritanical impulse, adopting instead a preponderate, sexualised everything.
The Lord's preponderate pronouncement "1 have many people in this city" is indicative of the fact that Paul's activities are informed by God's design and purpose to bring about salvation to all human subjects.
Yes, that is the stern edict of Providence, that liberty shall be no hasty fruit, but that event on event, population on population, age on age, shall cast itself into the opposite scale, and not until liberty has slowly accumulated weight enough to countervail and preponderate against all this, can the sufficient recoil come.
American cities preponderate in silent pictures featuring domestic missions, especially New York.
Blodgett argues that Woolf's use of food forwards her modernist narrative project and aesthetic values: "The concretizing that came to preponderate over discoursing because of her growing phenomenological allegiance to the perceiving consciousness--and that is her distinctive talent--is reflected (among other images) in increased food imagery" (1997, 48).
File the action only if the facts and case law preponderate in your favor.
In capital cases, however, I now believe that the arguments preponderate in favor of separate counsel on appeal, although there is no legal requirement to this effect.
In tough games, the forwards would preponderate with scrum after scrum, and you kind of pushed forward and kept getting tackled.
The good will preponderate, maintains Sterne, if we learn to embrace joy and cease the self-tormenting that is the source of so much sorrow: "I pity the men whose natural pleasures are burthens, and who fly from joy .
If there was a preponderate number of Florida cities on the upside in terms of home-building, there was almost an equal number of California cities on the downside.
Teen faces preponderate while (right) Marion Windridge - originally from Coventry, but now living in Wales - enjoys a quiet moment while mopping up at a makeshift supermarket.
Can that mind be unbiased in the second pondering, of the same testimony, which has already caused it to preponderate and settle to or towards a conclusion?