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structural substance as to preponderate over the new, there has not
also exercise their influence upon the course of the historical struggles and in many cases preponderate in determining their form'.
Despite the fact that Lagos and Port-Harcourt are very important seaports in Nigeria where there is generous availability of the affordable imported frozen fish of all types, they recorded prices above the average probably because they are thickly-populated and demand forces preponderate over supply forces.
Muhammad Asif brings to life the words of Johann Kaspar "The prudent see only the difficulties, the bold only the advantages, of a great enterprise; the hero sees both; diminishes the former and makes the latter preponderate, and so conquers".
However,] everyone doesn't occupy the same position: certain positions preponderate and permit an effect of supremacy to be produced.
49 Although Nanak Chand admitted that even in the absence of communal electorates, the Punjab Muslims would still preponderate, he would still prefer to be ruled by a Muslim majority 'in whose election they (the Hindus) have a hand'.
Personal references preponderate as remainders to be swept away, like the value of hard- and software assets, by capitalism's inner logic of valorization.
185) Maliki jurists outlined a similar scheme, also asserting that private claims preponderate in defamation cases.
A fourth element is that the functionalism pointed out by the critics of HR management, in fact, seems to preponderate also in IHRM, where research that focuses on maximizing control, regulation and efficiency is, indeed, predominant.
Vient ensuite la construction ciu Ritz-Carlton, ouvert en 1912 cote sud de Sherbrooke Quest entre De La Montagne et Drummond et dont I'importance devient preponderate, surtout apres la guerre.
2) Beardsley contests the confusion wrought by the jagged edge of puritanical impulse, adopting instead a preponderate, sexualised everything.
When this datum is considered together with the statistics describing Black people and other racial minorities as poorer than their White counterparts, then one can trace how racial minorities come to preponderate in the sphere of the uninsured.