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109 The minister also expressed satisfaction that the purely parliamentary Commission would give a good deal of advantage to the Muslims over the Hindus, who would have preponderated on a mixed commission.
Moreover, constitutional justice is indispensable, especially in pluralistic societies, which have preponderated due to globalization, to societies opening to each other, to overlapping interests and the interaction of cultures.
But according to the commission's spokeswoman, votes for unity have preponderated in South Darfur State.
Lytton Strachey, nephew of his friend John Strachey, said: 'His qualities were those of solidity and force; he preponderated with a character of formidable grandeur, with a massive and rugged intellectual sanity, a colossal commonsense'.
The court held, inter alia, that the standard for determining if a verdict is against the weight of the evidence is "whether the evidence so preponderated in favor of the [moving party] that the verdict could not have been reached on any lair interpretation of the evidence.