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Only where the evidence so preponderates in favor of the unsuccessful litigant that the verdict "could not have been reached on any fair interpretation of the evidence, should a motion to set aside a jury verdict as contrary to the weight of the evidence be granted.
Quinodoz comments that the two modes of psychical functioning are juxtaposed in constantly varying proportions: while disavowal and splitting predominate in a larger or smaller part of the ego, repression preponderates in its other part.
Continuing this theme, one of the mid-nineteenth century's most famous preachers, Theodore Parker, proclaimed before a Boston congregation in 1853 that because men's greed for land and money had bled into the national culture, "[s]elfishness preponderates everywhere" and "is preached as gospel and enacted as law:' In a brief reference to the US-Mexico War, he adds, "It is thought good political conduct for a strong people to devour the weak nations__for 'Christian' England and America to plunder the `Heathen,' and annex their land" (106).
Your Committee therefore, taking into consideration that the Gauge of five feet three inches had already been agreed to by the Governments of the Australian Colonies; that it had received the sanction of the Home Government; that the railways in course of construction in this Colony are of that Gauge, and that the balance of the evidence given before your Committee greatly preponderates in favour of the adoption of a uniform Gauge of five feet three inches, your Committee feel no hesitation in recommending to your Honorable House, that in all future enactments authorizing the construction of Lines of Railway in this Colony, a strict adherence to the Gauge of five feet three inches should in every case be insisted on.
Now of the bodies solidified by cold which are made up both of earth and water but in which the earth preponderates, those which solidify by the departure of heat melt by heat when it enters into them again; this is the case with frozen mud.
Then the power of neither side preponderates to any appreciable extent.
Men of abilities scatter seeds that grow up and have a great influence on the forming opinion; and when once the public opinion preponderates, through the exertion of reason, the overthrow of arbitrary power is not very distant.
Srinivas (1959) one of the eminent sociologists said caste might be said to be dominant, when it preponderates numerically the other castes and it also wields preponderance economic and political power.
Informing this claim is Aristotle's view that the local motion which is natural to a substance composed of the elements (understanding 'local motion' in the strict sense) depends on which of the elements preponderates in it.
The court must consider the weight of the evidence, and must grant a new trial if that evidence preponderates heavily against the verdict, such that it would be a miscarriage of justice to let the verdict stand," the court documents said.
45) To say, then, that one of the forces preponderates over its fellow is to say that the preponderant force is out of relation with its partner to the extent of the surplus.
And as these two kinds of property mutually destroy each other, it is evident that the Stock, or entire capital, must always be equal to the difference between them, and be of the same nature as that which preponderates.