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The verbs participating in this alternation are inherently intransitive predicates that appear with predicative locative prepositional phrases (adjuncts) that take as their argument the complete event in which they participate: be-in' ([x.
Both Theme noun phrase and Path prepositional phrase are internal arguments of verbs, so that these verbs are considered to be unaccusative verbs of two places (LEVIN, 1993; MUNHOZ, 2011; MUNHOZ; NAVES, 2012).
Some modifiers include verbs (ratel 'rattle', schiet 'shoot'), numerals (drie 'three', duizend 'thousand'), or a prepositional phrase (van-dalen 'of valleys').
Except the two independent prepositional phrases discussed above, other examples that can show the skillful complexity and intricate complication of the long adverbial "When .
That is to say, the study is carried out to determine grammatical, lexical and prepositional errors originating from learners' mother tongue and produced during speaking courses, and to inquire about learners' interlanguage development.
In other words, what are the prepositional and procedural aspects of aesthetic knowledge and their implication for aesthetic curricula and rational pedagogy?
From a synchronic point of view, the prepositional clause has become the common expression for possession.
At first glance, the sentence confirms the suspicions of a tedious style, as five prepositional phrases seem to compete for meaning rather than work to establish it.
Prepositions are words that show the position of one noun (or pronoun) in relation to another, and they are most often found at the beginning of prepositional phrases.
b) if they are realized as prepositional phrases conveying syntactic functions of adverbials and postmodifiers of nouns (DuUkova 1988: 578-580; Janigova 2008: 115):
In the paper Prepositional antonymy in Croatian: a corpus approach (Daniela Katunar) the author examines co-occurrence patterns of prepositional antonyms in the Croatian National Corpus by adopting a specific corpus-based methodology for antonymy research.
Avoid adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases unless they genuinely add implicit meaning.