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When Monsieur Rigaud laughed, a change took place in his face, that was more remarkable than prepossessing.
He seemed about five-and-twenty years of age, and was of the middle height; his countenance was frank and handsome; and his demeanor easy and prepossessing.
He was a young man of one-and-twenty or thereabouts; well made, and certainly handsome, though the expression of his face was far from prepossessing, having in common with his manner and even his dress, a dissipated, insolent air which repelled one.
Summary: "Home & Key" is a prepossessing short film that revolves around the death of a Kurdish family in the 20th century.
It is this last point that Los Angeles--based artist Alex Olson makes into something like a subject in her witty, prepossessing paintings, which often take their cues from written -texts, including posters and fashion editorials.
For the bunch of slack-jawed, vacant-eyes, boringly middle class mists who crowd Wimbledon each June are, beyond question, the least prepossessing sports fans anywhere in the world.
The quick take on Sylvan Esso, a prepossessing new synth-pop duo, involves a bucolic impulse met by an industrial process.
Thankfully we seemed to have learned lessons from this period and we would surely save a pub as magnificent as The Woodman; as was the case with the somewhat less prepossessing Prince of Wales threatened with demolition as a result of the Convention Centre being built in the late 1980s but ultimately spared after a public campaign led by former Warwickshire and England cricketer Bob Willis.
Anne's slightness is part of a representational strand in Persuasion that includes Sir Walter's comical and lampooned obsession with the state of everyone's looks, a running joke in the novel that aligns flashy embodiment with surface rather than depth and that underscores, at the level of imagery, the endorsement of the domestic values associated with the rising meritocracy over the genealogical preoccupations of the aristocracy, whose prepossessing exteriors are a veneer that masks the hollowness beneath.
Also being a very prepossessing sort of a diplomat, Clinton had an easy, smooth and constructive talk with Egypt's Islamists.
This comprehensive guide to PaintShop Photo Pro X3 provides step-by-step instruction for those interested in graphics and photography and prepossessing a basic knowledge of working with a computer.