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Also being a very prepossessing sort of a diplomat, Clinton had an easy, smooth and constructive talk with Egypt's Islamists.
This comprehensive guide to PaintShop Photo Pro X3 provides step-by-step instruction for those interested in graphics and photography and prepossessing a basic knowledge of working with a computer.
It looked slightly more prepossessing in the weak sunshine, the rooms swept and garnished and the clientele quiet.
The first person Coraline meets in the house that mirrors hers is the prepossessing 'other' mother.
DOBEL: Because you were obsessed with the, uh, physically prepossessing little waitresses who were running around.
So at first glance it is not the most prepossessing of destinations, particularly when you have a four-year-old daughter in tow.
Beyond this, the Colon has a wider role to play in a plan to recast and civilise Plaza Lavalle, currently not the most prepossessing of the city's many squares.
The fact that this rule has now come to be so prepossessing for Western (and also Israeli) airmen is a resounding testament to the extent to which modern air power has become a victim of its own success.
First, though, it's time for the obligatory pre-match pint, and a less prepossessing place I couldn't have picked for it - past the station, under the dodgy subway, down a little alleyway that's also the route of choice for a lone rat, and finally to the door of the Great Western, which I can confidently name as the best football pub I've ever been in and an immediate entry into my all-time top five.
Are they really or is the reality that it's you who is in a more prepossessing type of mood.
Was his question merely an older scholar's way of seeking a younger ally or something more prepossessing, more devious?