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(a) is processed using CLAHE and the prepossessing result is (b).
Summary: "Home & Key" is a prepossessing short film that revolves around the death of a Kurdish family in the 20th century.
It is this last point that Los Angeles--based artist Alex Olson makes into something like a subject in her witty, prepossessing paintings, which often take their cues from written -texts, including posters and fashion editorials.
Thirty "prepossessing, intelligent women in blue smocks sketched, filed, metal drilled and welded" reported the ECHO after a visit to the Liverpool Technical School in Byrom Street.
For the bunch of slack-jawed, vacant-eyes, boringly middle class mists who crowd Wimbledon each June are, beyond question, the least prepossessing sports fans anywhere in the world.
The quick take on Sylvan Esso, a prepossessing new synth-pop duo, involves a bucolic impulse met by an industrial process.
Covered in their mantillas, silent and observing, these women she reminded him of possessed a stillness all their own, a prepossessing quiet almost sacred.
Also being a very prepossessing sort of a diplomat, Clinton had an easy, smooth and constructive talk with Egypt's Islamists.
This comprehensive guide to PaintShop Photo Pro X3 provides step-by-step instruction for those interested in graphics and photography and prepossessing a basic knowledge of working with a computer.
It looked slightly more prepossessing in the weak sunshine, the rooms swept and garnished and the clientele quiet.