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From that critical space, then, cannot we more fully interrogate how Bowen's fiction mitigates against overwhelming postmodern uncertainties with an attempt, as Bowen frames it, to "re-w[i]n" a "confidence in living, the engagement with living, the prepossession with living"?
that a mutual and increasing prepossession for each other gains upon the heart; while custom unites with nature, and both are strengthened by parental wisdom and solicitude.
We have been piloting a prepossession scheme whereby borrowers struggling with mortgage payments have their properties accurately valued and proactively marketed to sell quickly, avoiding an unwanted repossession for both customer and lender.
philosophers, situated for the most part in Africa, set out to analyse the meaning of a concept that occurs in an African language and that they believe to be of philosophical prepossession and interest.
It assures itself with a prepossession and cares for itself in explicit or implicit reference to it.
The lurking bias, be it truth or error, To the unknown; a secret prepossession, To plunge with all your fears--but where?
Chief Justice Marshall did not disqualify jurors for having information and opinions on the case, so long as the prepossession was a "light impression" that "may leave the mind open to a fair consideration.
For all of the comic prepossession in this poem, the candor still delivers a shock: it shows the poet at one of the most unmasked moments during the game of peeka-boo he plays throughout his oeuvre.
The originality of Poe's art is at stake, for he wants to highlight not his "peculiar" prepossession but the peculiarity of his final product.
Cobden considered such justifications for military involvement abroad, recognizing that appeals for military involvement were made in the name of promoting good: "We shall here be encountered with a very general prepossession in favour of our maintaining what is termed a rank amongst the states of the Continent--which means .
He studied and wrote about Paul so that readers, even those of limited education, or as he put it, "illiterates," could return to and understand the word of God without prepossession or bias.