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His answer: the Grab N Go Band, a preposterously simple way to organize and carry life's bare essentials-namely a smartphone, a photo ID, a credit card or two, and some ready cash.
The match was preposterously biased - if the umpire gave Lee Si-young's slaps on the wrist 22 points, then Kim should have been given at least 50 points," tweeted Byun Hee-jae, a conservative political commentator.
We feel that it is a very sad thing that the club should treat its supporters in this way and deplore the Football League's decision to allow this preposterously late rearrangement.
The Western Mail recently reported on the Regeneris report, partly funded by the Welsh Assembly ("You may as well try and catch the wind", Business in Wales, Feb 20), which preposterously infers that 2,000 Welsh jobs could be created by wind farm development if there were a relaxation of wind farm planning rules.
His preposterously salacious collages of David Lee Roth (somehow he looks just right with that expanded forehead), Barry Manilow, or Billy Idol give an uncomfortably extended life to Berlin misery-mongers in the vein of Christian Schad and Otto Dix, or, more recently, 1950s British Pop, viz.
The US politicians, who preposterously fancy they could do gold-digging in China and rein in China s rise simultaneously, should remember the old saying that no one can have his cake and eat it too," Xinhua said.
And best of all are a couple of hilarious scenes featuring Norris as a preposterously scene where he takes out a tank and gunmen is so brilliantly top, you can expect the cinema to erupt in laughter.
The 1964 legislation is preposterously outdated and ineffectual and after years of continual incidents involving thousands of travellers and others, it seems a bit late to moan and groan when some direct action is so long overdue.
Preposterously he claimed that disrespectful incidents were scarce and that player behaviour had actually improved over the past five years.
But he's no better, nor worse, than when Blair, the Middle East peace envoy, as he's preposterously labelled, indulged in that repellent virtual French kiss with him in that tent back in 2004.
Contrast this to professional soccer players around Europe, some of whom command preposterously high wages.
From there, the songs flowed, including the soaring Glorious with its preposterously anthemic chorus, the frenzied, soon-to-be festival chantalong Made To Measure and the panoramic, call-to-reconcile love song Bumpy Ride, a co-write with Grammy Award-winning producer George Noriega and writer Jodi Marr.