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In Salvage Vanguard's production, the narrator exaggerated the preposterousness of the award by invoking it in the same tone of awe one might employ for the Shroud of Turin.
Preposterousness aside, Cowboys & Aliens gallops along at a fair lick and director Favreau (Iron Man) orchestrates the set pieces with aplomb, keeping our adrenaline pumping as the 19th-century heroes use their primitive weapons against hordes of slavering predators.
the fabric of our existence," intoned Sue Barker somehow managing not to giggle at the utter preposterousness of what she was saying), the same old images of Jana blubbing on a royal shoulder and Borg holding the trophy aloft, same old aerial shots, same old, same old.
The weakest link in "Unknown" okay, other than the utter preposterousness of its entire premise is Jones, who as a modern-day version of Hitch's ice queens can't hold her own with the likes of Kim Novak, Grace Kelly and Eva Marie Saint.
Its sequels, The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009) and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (2010), delve more deeply into her history, toying with genre conventions along the way (the political thriller and the courtroom drama, respectively) and rapidly devolving into preposterousness.
The Scariest Dream Ever" is daringly illustrated in dark, slashing splashes, but the scariness of each vision or monster is always ripe to dissolve in giggles of the preposterousness of it all.
So I got into the Jules Verne zone, learning to overlook the film's flaws and experience the combination of escape and discovery, fact and invention, possibility and preposterousness, that are so crucial to his work.
We have been dealing with mediocrity for ages now, but the film is a monument to extraordinary preposterousness.
More bizarrely, she proved the preposterousness of absolute self-reliance by setting herself up as psychotherapist to many vulnerable members of her salon, doing untold damage to psyches and relationships.
She laughed delicately and looked up at him as he shook his head in disapproval and disbelief at the preposterousness of it, and then her smile vanished and she was across the hall pulling open the sliding door.
The transitional nature of Vethoeven's picture, between Holland and Hollywood, accounts in large part for the odd amalgam of a dark, European historical sensibility and "action flick" preposterousness that characterizes the work.
14) As a subversive symbol, the Changs' Harvard elder daughter best manifests "the preposterousness of essentialized ethnicity, which in various ways is but fetishization of ethnic features" (Chih-ming 114).