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But they turn delusional in imagining that military prepotency and projections of armed force will reduce China to a marginal player in the region.
As Ferster (1973) noted, an absence of positively reinforced behavior may be due to the strength and prepotency of escape and avoidance behaviors, and it may be difficult to ascertain the controlling variables in a given case.
The human being is never satisfied except in a relative or one-step-along-the-path fashion, and second, that wants seem to arrange themselves in a sort of hierarchy of prepotency" (Maslow 1954: 24-25).
In this sense, a recent study carried out with Spanish preadolescents revealed that the reasons for rejecting a classmate involved behaviors associated with aggressiveness, such as prepotency, dominance, intimidation, and verbal and/or physical aggression, and not so much because of inhibition or social withdrawal (Monjas, Sureda, & Garcia-Bacete, 2008).
Microsatellite DNA markers have prepotency of linkage mapping than AFLP (Rafalski et al.
Make no mistake, Guy Harwood's Guineas, Eclipse and King Georgewinning three-year-old wasn't the only beast seeking to lay claim to prepotency on that balmy Paris afternoon.
Thus saturated with prepotency, her mouth becomes a double of her vagina--linked by the same conduit of attraction--and Giovanni feels pulled like a helpless insect "within the influence of an unintelligible power, by the communication he had opened with Beatrice" (399).
For communists internationally, the magisterial iconography also mattered: it symbolised the stability and prepotency of accomplished soviet power and its ascendancy over the national parties for which it served as inspiration and future prospect.
(69) While one cannot always be sure how words were received, in the context of the growing prepotency of the Medici in the period it could well be that there is an oblique reference here to the increasingly oligarchical character of Florentine governance and its implications for Florentines' much-prized republican freedom.
Historical explanations such as the Spanish-American War, American support for Franco, the installation of American military bases in Spanish territory, or the prepotency of American foreign policy don't seem to satisfy anybody on their own.
In "Stern," the powerful short elegy on Ted Hughes, for instance, Heaney cleaves to a stern master of the end-stop, an altogether different prepotency from the chop-chop rhythm of the warming and destroying goddess.
Henry later reflects on the 'prepotency of transmission in descent' (p.