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Viewers are given information on Wilde's educated parents, his rearing and early training, his early influences, his prepotency, and his early love of the visual image.
Further, these effects were apparently unrelated to preexisting differences in responsivity to the types of CSs (fear-relevant and fear-irrelevant), or phenomena such as salience or stimulus prepotency (see also Forsyth et al.
The prepotency of the imported blood is seen so prominently as to hide entirely the old foundation, and the herds are essentially Shorthorn and Hereford in character, the former greatly predominating.
The prepotency of the social category "Are wanted by the wife" seems clear (see Table 4).
Ferster noted that an absence of positively reinforced behavior may be due to the strength and prepotency of escape and avoidance behaviors and it may be difficult to ascertain the controlling variables in a given case.
21] I will contend that d'Urfe showcases the written word's prepotency only to allow the writing process to destabilize textual authority; he then proposes a new paradigm for writing based on a model which overtly appropriates the vicissitudes of speech.