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prerequisites to lead to such autumn", Sahakyan says.
Effective 1 June 2013, SSD Level 3 will be a prerequisite to attend the Senior Leader Course and SSD Level 4 will be a prerequisite to attend the Sergeants Major Course.
In terms of the representation of e-Learning process, SCORM specifies the extended element, Prerequisite, of item's manifest and the sequencing and navigation (SN) model in Release 2002 (SCORM 1.
In a graduate class, McMillan-Capehart and Adeyemi-Bello (2008) reported that the grade received in the prerequisite for the MBA management course was predictive of performance in the core course.
But the idea of having a common Franco-German position was an essential prerequisite so that today we can find a lasting solution for Greece.
PAS 223 is aligned with, and supports the implementation of ISO 22000, by setting out specific requirements for the development and implementation of prerequisite programmes in the manufacture of food and drink packaging.
Students' performance (Trine & Schellenger, 1999) in a course is primarily affected by the prerequisite courses taken that fabricate their background knowledge.
This view was encapsulated by Carlson, Cohn and Ramsey (2002), who argued that the purposes of prerequisite courses were to ensure that students were prepared for advanced subjects.
Any applicant can apply for a waiver of any prerequisite (except for GT score).
In its brief, TEI pointed out the standing and Commerce Clause issues conflated in Cuno in that the taxpayer group challenging Ohio's tax credit could not demonstrate any actual harm--a prerequisite to prevailing on either issue.
ABSTRACT A retrospective student record review was conducted to determine how achievement in a prerequisite statistics course related to achievement in nursing research courses and the overall program for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.