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Effective 1 January 2015, SSD Level 5 will be a prerequisite for ominative assignments.
ISP is helping students fulfill the much needed prerequisites they need in order to move forward in their education.
We hypothesize that students' performance in Statistics course as measured by the final course grade varies due to the diverse preparedness by different prerequisite courses.
Specifically, we examine the effectiveness of using the subject Business Statistics, or its equivalent through exemption, as a prerequisite screening strategy to improve student's success levels in Principles of Finance.
The Army developed short-term prerequisites to increase the number of WO applications to meet the current and future requirements.
Prerequisite coursework, which adds to the expense and effort involved in applying to a nursing education program, must be evaluated in terms of its contributions to student success.
Access from a community college to a university used to be easy, but recent changes to the CSU and UC admission process and lower-division, major prerequisite requirements has created challenges that students must conquer to avoid adverse affects to their transfer progress.
Had assisted living been doing its job--if assisted living had been even elementally focused on the essential prerequisites of long-term care--such a task force might not have been necessary.
Some moral virtues in students, such as temperance, courage, honesty, fairness, and friendship, might well be prerequisites for their acquisition of intellectual virtues.
The court noted that criminological studies and social science research found that admission of crimes was a necessary prerequisite for successful treatment of sex offenders.
The reason that solving the debt problem is a prerequisite for private sector recovery is this: Behind the bad debts stand the bad debtors, the majority in sectors suffering from immense excess capacity and inefficiency.