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An exclusive privilege. The special power or peculiar right possessed by an official by virtue of his or her office. In English Law, a discretionary power that exceeds and is unaffected by any other power; the special preeminence that the monarch has over and above all others, as a consequence of his or her sovereignty.

The term prerogative is occasionally used by writers of law to refer to the object over which royal powers are exercised, such as fiscal prerogatives, which are the revenues of the king or queen.


noun advantage, authority, benefit, charter, claim, droit, due, exclusive privilege, exclusive right, franchise, freedom, grant, inalienable right, legal power, liberty, license, perquisite, power, preference, prior right, priority, privilege, right, rightful power, sanction, special right, title, vested right, warrant
Associated concepts: managerial prerogative, prerogative writ
See also: authority, birthright, capacity, droit, enjoyment, franchise, freedom, impunity, liberty, license, option, prescription, privilege, right, suffrage, title, use



PREROGATIVE, civil law. The privilege, preeminence, or advantage which one person has over another; thus a person vested with an office, is entitled to all the rights, privileges, prerogatives, &c. which belong to it.

PREROGATIVE, English law. The royal prerogative is an arbitrary power vested in the executive to do good and not evil. Rutherf. Inst. 279; Co. Litt. 90; Chit. on Prerog.; Bac. Ab. h.t.

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While we respect such prerogative, the most extreme the policy can do is transfer an employee to another division or department," he said.
According to Oyewo, who represented Governor Ambode at the event alongside other members of the Council, the exercise was pursuant to the provisions of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) which empowered the Governor to exercise prerogative of mercy, and also to offer hope to such inmates who have demonstrated capacity to be re-absolved into the society.
Speaking to ANI, Gadkari said "It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's prerogative to decide who should be given what responsibility.
By discarding the kingly title, the framers could reserve prerogative powers in the presidency while still claiming to have created a republican government.
I) In challenging my thesis that federal administrative power revives a version of prerogative power, he argues that these types of power are crucially different because the prerogative was independent of statute.
The power of prerogative was one of the instruments in the hands of the monarch to rule the people effectively, but it was abused in the 16th and 17th Centuries which generated political instability.
The appointment of faculty members serving under Tenured Track System on administrative posts such as Vice Chancellor, Director Research, Dean of a Faculty and Head of Department was a prerogative of the syndicates of public sector universities, it said.
According to sources, the chairman of the authority can create post up to Grade 17 while using his prerogative powers considering the ground situation.
6) Further, while there was uncertainty at the time of Sisters, it is now clear that property taken under the authority of royal prerogative requires compensation at common law.
Staging Authority in Caroline England: Prerogative, Law and Order in Drama, 1625-1642.
THE Royal Prerogative of Mercy is one of the historic privileges of the British monarch.
It revives what used to be called prerogative or absolute power, and it thus is something that the Constitution centrally prohibited.