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It was not difficult, however, to foretell the result, if any presage could be drawn from the feelings of those who crowded the place.
For when Caesar would have discharged the senate, in regard of some ill presages, and specially a dream of Calpurnia; this man lifted him gently by the arm out of his chair, telling him he hoped he would not dismiss the senate, till his wife had dreamt a better dream.
There was in the whole atmosphere of the craft that undefinable something which presages disaster.
By them I lost not what I lost; rather by them I gained what I have gained, and with them dwell Copartner in these regions of the World, If not disposer--lend them oft my aid, Oft my advice by presages and signs, And answers, oracles, portents, and dreams, Whereby they may direct their future life.
Unsouled, unhearted, hopeless and forlorn, I strove with monstrous presages of ill
He recollected now many omens and presages of this happy event, some of which he had remarked at the time, but many more he now remembered; nor did he omit the dreams he had dreamt the evening before his meeting with Jones; and concluded with saying, "I always told your honour something boded in my mind that you would one time or other have it in your power to make my fortune.
Kit, however, fortunately for himself, was not learned enough or contemplative enough to be troubled with presages of evil afar off, and, having no mental spectacles to assist his vision in this respect, saw nothing but the dull house, which jarred uncomfortably upon his previous thoughts.
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What occurrence is said to presage the fall of the Tower of London?
beaucoup moins que]C'est par ce sacrifice, selon la tradition, qu'on repousse le mauvais presage et qu'on souhaite une bonne annee hegirienne a ses proches[beaucoup plus grand que], nous expliquera Warda, une mere de famille tres attachee aux traditions de la ville.
The Presage ST2 Assay is a non-invasive blood test that allows for the early identification of these high-risk patients.